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My aim is to provide guidelines & save peoples from fake agents, and provide complete guide lines about visa application process also will share travel related information which will be useful to those who wish to explore the world and make there trip in budget and save a lot of money during there trips to different countries.


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We also provide you complete information about how to apply for visa of different countries like Schengen countries Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand, UK, Middle East and rest of the world we post articles and latest news about visa immigration travel & tourism.

If you are travelling from a third world country you need to obtain a visa in advance to travel most of the countries and you must need information about how to get a visa to travel different countries, here we will share all the information about how to apply for a visa where to apply for a visa all information regarding visa documentations.

we also provide all information about Embassies & consulates of different countries along with contact details.

If you are travelling from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nepal you need to know how many countries where you can travel visa free or you can get visa on arrival or you can apply for E-Visa we will provide you complete information.

Pakistani citizens can travel visa free to 7 countries, Pakistani passport holders can get visa on arrival in 22 countries.

Indian citizens can travel visa free to 25 countries, Indian passport holders can get visa on arrival in 39 countries.

Bangladeshi citizens can travel visa free to 18 countries, Bangladeshi passport holders can get visa on arrival in 25 countries.

Nepali citizens can travel visa free to 14 countries, Bangladeshi passport holders can get visa on arrival in 32 countries.


Travel is not only just getting up and going. It’s about being knowledgeable if you have some knowledge in advance about the countries where you are planing to travel you can travel better, cheaper, and longer. from our travel guide you will find articles we have written about how to plan a perfect trip and other general guidelines so your vacation will be amazing. All the advice we give is what we do on our own travels. These articles are relevant to any kind of travel how long it is, if you follow our tips and guidelines about how to travel in budget you can save a lot of money for your next trip.


Book Air Tickets in advance 3 or 4 months so you can get discounted price.

Buy a small Bag or backpack so you will not be able carrying too much stuff light stuff will be best for tourists.

Don’t try to exchange currency at airport always exchange currency from a local exchange in your area at airport they will give you less price.

Don’t try to eat near tourist spots or places the price of food is bit higher then other areas so you can save some bucks.

Always book a hostile the price is almost half then hotel room.

Always buy a Sim card which specially designed for tourist which gives you Data and Calling Bundle.

Always carry a lock with you so you can lock your stuff if you are planing to stay in Hostiles dorms.


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