If you are planing to apply for a Schengen visa you must fulfill the documents requirements, you can find complete list of proper documents on the website of specific country  you wish to apply for, here you can find general documents list below.

Personal Documents

  1. Filled & signed Schengen Visa application form
  2. White background Picture size 35 x 45
  3. Original Passport
  4. National identity card if applicable
  5. Valid Iqama for Gulf residents.
  6. Marriage certificate
  7. Family registration certificate FRC for (Pakistanis)

Job or Business Documents

  1. Letter from employer NOC or Job letter if employed
  2. Last 6 months salary slips
  3. Business registration proves if doing business
  4. Income tax returns slips for last 2 years
  5. valid exit reentry visa copy for (Saudi Residents)
  6. NOC or Bonafied letter from school collage or university if student

Mean Of Finance Documents

  1. 6 Months Bank statement
  2. Property proves  if have property (evaluation)
  3. Any FD or saving scheme documents if available
  4. Prove of pension if retired

Travel Itinerary

  1. Round trip air reservation
  2. Hotel booking
  3. Travel Plan
  4. Valid travel medical insurance cover all schengen area 30,000 Euro

Additional Documents

  1. Cover letter
  2. Travel history
  3. Invitation or Sponsorship letter if available

Extra Documents Required Depending on Visa Type

You might need to collect extra documents as required. Above find some of the extra documents you will have to collect if you are applying for Schengen visa.